We were in Munich to visit the Nemetschek Headquarters for our yearly dRofus Europe gathering. It’s an excellent tradition with a perfect proportion of work and beers.. as dRofus knows how to do it.

The city was buzzing with Bavarian outfits everywhere… no doubt, it is Oktoberfest time!  The visit of the Nemetschek Headquarters ended with a classic lunch with employees in outfits as well. The excitement was rising and we were all longing to discover Oktoberfest. 

We headed back to Munich center where our Bavarian outfits were waiting for us in our hotel rooms! We’re ready to go!

We were lucky to snag  the best tables in the biggest lodge on the Balcony …to finish 7 hours and 50 liters (underestimation right there) of Blond later, behind the Orchestra in the middle of the crowd, standing on benches, trying to pull out our best German to sing the classic Oktoberfest songs. 

Oktoberfest in figures: 6.3million people, 2 million gallons of beers, 2 685 items lost (phones, keys, clothes, dentures oh yes …as well as my credit card, a chicken hat, some of our vocal cords, 5 years life expectancy and our dignity…) 

One of the best experiences, definitely recommended, can’t wait to see what will be on for this year!


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