A typical day in the office starts at between 08:00 and 09:00, usually with a cup of coffee. 

While letting the caffeine do its work, I look through emails and check Microsoft Teams to see if anyone asked any questions since I left the office yesterday. Respond as needed.

Maybe check if any of our nightly builds failed, or if any of the new crash reports looks particularly scary. 

A quick standup at 09:00. Do a quick report on what I did yesterday, what I intend to do today, ask for help or further clarification as necessary. Most of us are usually present in the office, but it’s entirely possible to join remotely (sick kids, etc.) 

09:10: Maybe some technical follow-up discussions with other developers I’m currently working on a new feature with.

09:20-11:30: A mix of working on JIRA-tickets, answering questions from other developers (“So, what’s your recommended way of setting up this Ninject binding when I need to account for A, B and C?”) and sometimes dealing with ad-hoc issues from support. Perhaps responding to questions in pull requests in BitBucket. 

11:30 lunch is served in the lunch area. The dRofus Oslo office contains all developers, as well as support and most global functions such as design, marketing, finance and legal, and we all eat lunch together.

12:00 Grab more coffee overcome the post-lunch desire to take a nap, then head back to desk to work more.

Perhaps look at tickets other developers have assigned to me for either code review or testing. Try to spot any problems or raise relevant questions as necessary. We have no dedicated testers, but we usually have 2-3 people involved in the quality control steps: The developer who wrote the code, another developer who reviewed and manually tested it, and – with new features and important bug fixes – someone working in sales and support who verify that they got what they wanted and that it behaves as expected.

At around 16:00, people start heading home, depending on when their day started. We have quite a lot of flexibility as long as the total adds up to 7.5 hours (excluding lunch) a day. The core hours are 09:00-16:00, but varies somewhat based on personal preference, need to pick up kids and other obligations. 

We generally try to keep the atmosphere fun and stress levels low, while being both effective and efficient. We’re a SaaS company, so we have very few deadlines, leading to very little need to work overtime. On the other hand, we are expected to keep our services up and running, and not release broken code, so we have to deal with it if something breaks, even if it’s in inconvenient hours.

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