Why did I write this post?
I have no idea!

I was asked by Brian – our marketer to write about my impressions of dRofus as a company to work in. From the perspective of a “new-beginner” since I have only worked here for one month. I got free rein to write my account of what went down!

How had I found myself in there?

My story with dRofus begins a few months before I began working there. Having worked in a General Contractor firm, I wanted to focus more on BIM technology itself. I had shared that with my friend, who shortly after sent me an online advert and said: “Hey! That looks cool, I think you might like it!”
I didn’t know dRofus software itself, so beforehand I watched few YouTube presentation and webinars. My reaction was literally: “Oh my God, that program is great!” I totally liked the main message of the company – to give a meaning to the information in BIM and to manage it in a clearer and easier way. Papers sent. Recruitment process went smoothly and eventually I got the job offer.

First day and week

Fast forward a few months and I was entering the doors of my new employer. The person having greeted me shortly after was sales director – Torleiv Haugstaul. Very warm welcoming, we had a small talk about me, him and for example my long travel in SE Asia. I didn’t know the news had spread in the office even before me arriving there! 😉
Having met again with Åsmund Johansen, from that day my manager, I was introduced to everybody in the office and started to get aquainted with the new workplace and position. After everything, the start looks like it does in most companies – greeting everybody in the office, setting up equipment and product training. This was all happening during the course of the first days. Except few details described below.

Instastory always in a right time 😉

Lunch breaks

When the clock rings 11.30 most of the office gather together for a social event called lunch break. It’s there, where everybody talks, exchange ideas and (mainly) jokes. And that is common for most companies in Norway.

As my Norwegian is yet not the language I feel totally comfortable with (I’m Polish living in Norway 2,5 years), I often struggle with a well-timed and placed pun in a group discussion. And here comes surprise: dRofus is pretty international company so we often speak English to each other. Or even two languages at once! It can easily happen that during a lunch half of the table speak Norwegian and the other half – English. Don’t sit in the middle – språkforvirring (language confusion) guaranteed!

Sporty dRofus

At one of the coffee chats we had in the office I was talking with our dear African colleague – Brian Hope. He said himself and Ivar are running from time to time right before work. He invited me to join. That was close to my heart! I do triathlons and during winter it is always a struggle for me to go out and run. Having a running mate always motivates.

The first time, on a Thursday,  I ran with Brian. The second time it was myself and Ivar, different route and just a tiny bit of a longer distance – only to beat Brian – competition 

Nice sun, negative degrees and two whales on the run by the coast

Social dRofus

Still within the first week, one of the days a Danish co-worker Jakob Duus paid us a visit in the office. Internal Support team discussions, trainings and problem-solving were going on throughout most of the day. At the end of the working day arose an idea of having a beer with a visitor and a new colleague.
So we went to the place of usual after-work disputes aka the local dRofus beer-hole aka The Dubliners Pub, just across the street (I’m getting to have a feeling that the office’s neighborhood has everything we would ever need 😉 ). While drinking, eating and talking I got to know new colleagues not only from the job perspective but also from a social one.
Having with us a Dane sparkled up at a joyful and jokeful atmosphere. I tell you, dear reader, Norwegian-Swedish-Danish relationship is something of pure satisfaction to observe. Puns were shot between both sides like laugh grenades into the middle of the battlefield. A similar situation happened a couple of weeks later when our office was visited by our Swede colleague – Sverker Dahlblom.

The official dRofus currency in Dubliner. Yes, this is our
CEO in the picture – Rolf Jerving. 5 Rolfs = 1 beer

dRofus’ clients

In Norway our three biggest clients are Statsbygg (Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property), Sykehusbygg (national hospitals developer) and Avinor (operator of the airports in Norway). I met all of their representatives during the first two weeks in the company and I reckon this is something cool to start building relationships before I can call myself an expert in the software.
I was also taking part in some of the demo presentations to the potential customers from all over Europe. I took notice that people on the other side were same positively shocked at what this program is capable of. Exactly the same way as I was before going for an interview.

dRofus’ culture

The dRofus team has a strong belief that people learn the fastest when they are thrown into deep water. I have a strong belief in that as well, so I willingly take up all opportunities that occur. For example in the second week Torleiv was on a phone call with a contractor from Poland. They had some communications problems, so I heard in the open office: ‘Hey, you know what? Recently we hired a new colleague. He is from Poland I will give you a phone and you can talk about dRofus’. And then… ‘Konrad, could you explain to him our business model?’ We had a meeting about it two days earlier, so sure I could.
Another interesting cultural remark coming to my mind now is strongly connected with dRofus being a Norwegian company. This is of course… Cross- country skiing! The end of February until beginning of march the Nordic World Ski Championships took place. When the run began, office moved to the lunch room and it looked more or less like on the picture below.

Heia Norge!

Future in dRofus

I was employed to help the international support team. Though my scope of work doesn’t limit to solving client challenges using the software. dRofus is middle sized and an agile company. I was told during the interview that my tasks also involve working as a consultant on the projects, training for new clients, implementation of dRofus to new projects and visiting BIM-fairs to reach new markets. And all what being said, it is getting going pretty fast – on the side of learning the software I have already been solving the tickets, setting up databases for new clients and taking a part in training sessions carried out by Åsmund (mostly as a listener for the time being though it is subject to change soon). And I am set to be a participant of BuildingSMART Norge fairs. Maybe we can meet and greet there? Come by dRofus stand for a talk or at least a high five if you read this and going to be there as well! 🙂

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