dRofus is a truly global company with clients and projects all over the world. This impacts how we do business and makes every day different! In dRofus we are divided into three main regions: APAC – which is headed out of our Sydney office, AMER with multiple locations throughout the US and EMEA with our global HQ in Oslo, Norway.

Heading up the EMEA sales team, I work with a large group of countries and regions with different characteristics, which adds to the diversity of our sales team and customer base.

In dRofus many of our local representatives in countries such as Sweden, Denmark and France have dual responsibilities including both project implementation as well as business development. This increase the understanding of the daily challenge’s clients face and adds value to our sales process as it enables us to better meet our clients needs.

A typical day for me is very difficult to describe as there are rarely a typical day! I can start the morning with a sales meeting with a potential client in Germany, followed up with a face to face meeting in Norway before I go through the business opportunities with my colleague in France and end the day with a status meeting with our partner in Italy.

Other days, I might be out traveling to clients around in Europe. We have several clients in the UK for instance, and I might have a UK tour with one of our BIM consultants visiting potential clients and existing customers. Another important element is trade shows and during the course of this year, we will visit places or participate in events in; London, Oslo, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Newcastle, Bergen, Tehran, Munich, Cannes to name some of them. Sometimes we do this alone as a company, other times we are collaborating with our sister brands in Nemetschek and sometimes we participate together with our regional sales partners.

Another, important task is to align with colleagues from APAC and AMER to learn from each other. Do we have a best practice from one region which we can learn from and utilize to develop clients in other regions as well? Do we identify market needs from existing clients which we need to feed back to our development team? This is truly one of the most inspiring parts of being part of dRofus. You have impact and your voice is heard! This means that you truly can develop your customers and improve their processes. We believe in what we deliver and does not really sees us selves as a sales representative but more as a consultant improving the performance of our customers. Working with sales and marketing my entire life I find this a very rewarding experience, as you can really see that the client is appreciating what dRofus can do. In many sales meetings I have seen the sight of relief on the customer face when they understand the implications of adopting dRofus! Followed by; “why did I not know about you guys before; we would have saved tons of hours on project x..”. In short, the absolute contrary to working with commodity products and services! For many customers, dRofus is a game changer!

At last, salespeople are social creatures and there is really no better place to be social than at dRofus. It is a very informal company culture with a lot of social gatherings, and we know how to have fun!

Everything from sport activities such as our running club to the visits to our company pub across the street

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